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Moving LIMA from France to Croatia - the full honest story

An honest sailing adventure with all facets

Sailing is a passion. That is so true. If you are a sailor and also have an own ship everyone thinks you just enjoy your life and that you do nothing but let the sun shine at your skin, that you are sailing nicely the day and have a beer in the evening.

But behind the scenes it is a totally different story - there is so much more to tell than all the nice looking Instagram - "enjoy life at sea" pictures and videos. 

We decided to tell the full story of our trip from France to Croatia with all facets and not just the sun the fun and the good times.

So click on the link below and dive into a honest and real story about an adventure of ocean crossing, living on board with dealing with technical issues, seasickness, swimming with dolphins and more. At the end you will understand why being at sea is so wonderful even with difficult times you have to deal with - it is passion, emotion, adventure and really makes you feel alive!

The story will be told over the next days and weeks so check back regularly.

Click here to get to the story:

-> A real sailor story - moving SV LIMA from France to Croatia (Public)

-> A real sailor story - moving SV LIMA from France to Croatia (Premium)



Our Story

SV LIMA is a Contest 46S built in 1990 by conyplex in the Netherlands. We purchased the well maintained 46 foot sailing yacht in 2020 and started with our first vessel projects in 2021.

SV LIMA is fully bluewater equipped. It has a long history and tradition of sailing around the world. SV LIMA is what we call a "real ship" made for "honest sailing" with extended comfort. We love sharing it with you.

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