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There are so many different sailing vessel types with so many different features. Each of them has various PROs and various CONs.

First of all you need to get an understanding what kind of sailing vessel you  want and furthermore what kind of sailing vessel you really need...

Via website we got in touch with the #bootsprofis. We phrased our need for a used sailing vessel and that we need some consultancy for it. Shortly after we got an answer, got some additional infos how the collaboration would work and then we started through...



The own perception is not alway the correct one.

Getting an understanding what kind of boat makes sense for the own purposes is quite an interesting experience. You always have your own ideas in front of you. You read through the well known literature and websites like e.g.  @yacht_magazin or channels like @bavaria_yachts_official (our motor vessel has been a  Bavaria 400) @contest_yachts @jeannau_official @dehleryachts_official @hallbergrassy @siriusyachts @beneteau_official @moodyyachts @yachtingmagazine @segeljournal @boote.magazin @segelnblogs and many more.

Then you start having an idea about your experience from former boats (if you had one), from skipper trainings and from charter trips you did.

But let me tell you a secret: Your own idea of what is the right vessel for you is not always the boat what you really need.

How do you get your right boat type?

What we did is to have a conversation with the #bootsprofis. We already told you in the blog post before. There was a full day of discussion what type of boat has which advantage and disadvantages and how they fit to us. At the beginning we wanted to have something like an "all-in-one-solution" but this turned out not to be existing. What a surprise ;-)

So we focussed on the real items our future sailing vessel has to have.


Below you see a picture that has been made together with our partners Splendid Yachting in Croatia.


What should be possible with the boat?

At any point in time out of your own experience and from all you read, hear and listen to a picture is being created - your own perfect yacht. This is our set of what the boat should properly do:

  • #Businesstraining
  • #BusinessOffsite
  • #Teambuilding
  • #mobilesoffice
  • #creativeoffice: The boat should act as a location where business teams can find creativity, silence and a good atmosphere for being able to focus on important strategic business decisions
  • #bluewater capable: We plan do to long term trips (blue water sailing) and do professional blogging / vlgogging.




Define "Skillset" of the yacht.

But only after a discussion with experienced boat consultants it turned out that the ship has to fit to more than the services we want to provide to our clients. The yacht should not only be able to swim. At least the boat has to have following "skills":

  • (1) The "wow" factor. It should be like no other vessel.
  • (2) Safe and from good quality.
  • (3) Stable and good sailing capabilities. No racer but "a good one".
  • (4) "A real ship". No living room at sea but an honest sailing vessel.
  • (5) 3 cabins in minimum.
  • (6) 2 heads in max.
  • (7) A captains cabin in the aft.
  • (8) A center cockpit for more calm in rough seas during longer passages.
  • (9) 2 meters of headroom in the Salo. Our skipper Christoph is 1,96 tall. So there has to be a place below deck where he can stand up.
  • (10) Classic wood style below deck. No light wood but dark wood to give everyone a typical feeling of being a sailor.
  • (11) A layout that makes sense - If you move different to the layout of a deck you are in trouble ;-)

This is all we think is relevant for us. No matter if ketch or with one mast. We were pretty clear with not wanting a catamaran. Even though the floor space is pretty nice. But we ended up going for a mono hull.

That was the setup we worked out together with our consultant team. From what we had in mind it significantly differed. But that is a good prove why a supporting team brings added value to your boat search. They named our vision a - what we call in Germany is a - "eierlegende Wollmichsau" - which is a funny word for a "all-in-one-solution". Not pretty wrong to be fair.

The used boat market is huge. But if we lay the profile of our boat we want to have over the market offer the air got pretty thin. A typical charter yacht which the market consists of by 80-90% is simply not what we wanted...

But so the search began...

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