SV LIMA - The story

The story of SV LIMA

It all started in 1990.

In 1990 there a was French skipper that wanted to buy a new vessel - let us call him Bertrand for our story. After 25 years of boating and being at sea in the southern French coast at the Mediterranean Sea he decided to purchase a new vessel. His favourite was a Contest 46S made by company Conyplex (which is not the most sexy name for a boat building company to be honest) in the Netherlands.



Bertrand owned two 2 sailing vessels from the type of Contest before. But never a new one. So coming up with many special wishes he came up with a 7 page list of additional features he wanted to get integrated into his vessel. The team of Conyplex was fine with it - no surprise, Bertrand was paying for everything - and then the boat has been built. The vessel is now equipped with radar, water maker, large tanks for fuel and water made of steel and much more. Get all facts about the vessel -> here.

"Solano" was born.

Betrand gave her the name Solano. The name comes from the latin word "solanus" and means a "wind from eastern direction". Similar to the well known scirocco is solano a wind from south-east and south that is pretty warm. Usually the solano is breezing between June and September typically in Andalusia.

Very high boat quality by a high price.

The boat has been created for a price of an equivalent which is today a value of 1.2m Euro. Pretty high quality for of course a pretty tough price. Details on how the boat is made and more details about the vessel can be found here.

However Bertrand sailed and properly maintained the "Solano" for 25 years and sold it to a friend. This friend - we call him Francois - sailed the vessel for 5 years along the coast of France. Francois was the one we purchased the boat from in 2020. We found the "Solano" with the help of Dominik, Hendrik and Max from the bootsprofis - a company that helps people like us finding a used sailing vessel that fits on our purposes. We tell the entire story in detail in our blog.

The picture below shows the first inspection of the boat together with the bootsprofi team.

Who is "we" by the way?

We, that is Skipper Christoph and his wife Tatiana. Get more information about us, who we are, what we are interested and more on the SV LIMA crew area.

And guess what - we changed the name of the vessel.

It is common sense that a vessel has a soul and even more in the nautical world it is common sense that a sailing vessel has a female soul. So it is not a good idea to annoy a female soul. To be fair it is not a good idea to annoy anyones soul. So we have to be kind for our boat and follow all rules. Changing the name of a vessel is only valid from a superstition point of view when the owner is changing. Since we are new owners we decided to do a name change with the OK of the unwritten law. But of course with all necessary love and in a sufficient ceremonial process the name will be changed smoothly. So in the future our beloved vessel is going to get a new well earned name: Sailing vessel "LIMA".

What does "LIMA" stand for?

When the sea became part of our life in 2015 we purchased a motor vessel. The "augusta11" was a Bavaria 400 New Sport Open. We named it "augusta11" due to the fact that my company is carrying this name as well. With the new vessel we decided to go a little different way. We really wanted to give the vessel a more personal and emotional component. We do have two daughters that mean the world to us. Their names are Lisa and Maja. And - you already got it - from these names we created sailing vessel "LIMA". Our Contest 46S should be fine with it and also Neptun should.




Why "Hamburg"?

In Germany like everywhere in the world a vessel needs to be owned by someone. This also has to be done in a formal correct way that fits all laws. There are many options for officially registering a boat.

Prerequisite is always a "Bill of sale" or a typical contract that proves that you are the boat owner.

The most common examples are as following:

  1. "IBS": International boat license (International Bootsschein in German).
  2. Registering a vessel at WSV (Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des deutschen Bundes).
  3. "Ship certificate": Register your vessel on a German district court enables you to get a ship certificate as prove of being registered.

We went with Nr.3 and registered SV LIMA at district court of Hamburg. Usually this registration is mandatory for vessels larger than 15m of length. We are slightly below (14,55m) but there are some advantages with having a "ship certificate":

  • The ship certificate proves that you are the owner of the ship
  • The vessel is allowed to carry a German flag
  • The vessel is under protection of under international law of Germany
  • No need to register somewhere else in a German department
  • No need to displaying a weird badge on the hull of the boat. We just have to provide the name of the boat and the port of registry which is Hamburg in our case


What are our plans with SV LIMA?

We purchased SV LIMA in last quarter of 2020 and did the handover from former owner to us shortly before Christmas 2020. 

The boat has been transferred in early January 2021 from negligible (incredible 4.700 boats!!) Port Camargue at Le Grau-du-Roi to Port Napoléon at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône in France.

We have some projects (check -> here) to do and then we plan do to a transfer from France to the northern part of Croatia which is around 1.500 nautical miles. You will find infos about our travels in our logbook

We will regularly update our website. Stay connected also via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. You find the pages at the footer of this website. So again please feel very welcome. Enjoy and become part of the SV LIMA family.


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