One year for one beer

Ahoi - here you find everything we posted at this site - enriched with even more data, information and on a better detail level. When we do things #onaboat we do it with (mostly) with a plan.

You get full access to our Premium area for only 3,49 Euro (VAT excl.) for a full year. This is what we call  "one year for one beer". So subscribe now and enjoy!


We are happy to sharing with you all our

  • research knowledge
  • documents
  • plans and lists
  • purchase costs and suppliers
  • HowTo videos
  • Lessons Learned information
  • Tips and Tricks 

That enables you to your own project with the least effort necessary.

Note: On your payment you will see "augusta11" which is fine. SV LIMA is managed by augusta11 consulting GmbH & Co.KG.

Duration: 1 year
Price: €3.49

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